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Extra Curricular

Sports Club – Physical development is taken by us very seriously as it promotes physical and emotional wellbeing, and so we have developed Sports Club, run by our ever creative coach, Michael. Through weekly participation in sports activities our students have been working on fine motor skills like throwing and catching balls, and aiming at targets in games such as Boccia and Tennis. All participants have been developing a better understanding of team work and team effort. Students’ skills have been put to the test during last year Paralympics competitions. It was great to celebrate success together during school Assembly as well as see all those medals!

Performing Arts Club’ always draws great interest from the students and parents/carers. Our students are exposed to a wide variety of sensory experiences where movement and art weave into one performance. Students have opportunities to explore contrasting colours as well as contrasting ways of expressing feelings and emotions. Our students not only learn about history of art but actively participate in creating their own work using techniques of great masters. We are all looking forward to the Winter and Summer performances

Journalism Club is aimed at providing an opportunity for our pupils to develop their writing skills in a fun and relevant context. Pupils will have an opportunity to research topics, plan and conduct interviews, write articles about current affairs or interests (music, cinema and book reviews etc.) as well as editing and publishing their own work. We aim to provide opportunities for our pupils to visit Kingston as well as to invite guests to school to be interviewed. At the end of the term, pupils will publish their own student newspaper for the Bedelsford community.

Creative Arts and Crafts Club – our students will have an opportunity to unwind and be inventive as they use a variety of paints and textures to create pictures. We welcome all of those who are keen on exploring their talents within creativity and art.

Sports Club and Musical Hydrotherapy is run on a bi-weekly basis alternating between primary and secondary. On the weeks that pupils will not be participating there will be Sports Club running alongside Musical Hydrotherapy.


The school is truly ‘outstanding’ indeed and we don’t mean just in the sense of how Ofsted have classified it.

Parent of Year 7 child

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