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In Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 the students continue their learning with the use of Individual Learning Intentions underpinned by Key Skills that map out their specific educational needs.  

The Secondary Department consists of five classes:

Key Stage 3: Quartz, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphire

Key Stage 4: Diamonds

The structure and class organisation is similar to successful systems that are in place in the Primary Department. Pre-Formal class students have opportunities for cross-curricular learning that are hinged on positional timetable and such sensory activities as Tac-Pac sessions.

Key Stage 4 students participate in an accredited scheme (ASDAN) in which the students work on modules designed to promote their independence and life skills and prepare them for the work they will be doing when they move to our Key Stage 5 Department. It also covers the statutory Maths, English, RE and RSE. The classes are Owls, Robins and Eagles.

Accreditation offered at KS4

In order to offer learning and accreditation that is meaningful and individual to each student at KS4 we teach a range of certificated courses from ASDAN.

  • In KS4 students learning through the sensory pathway will complete modules from ASDAN’s Transition Challenge Sensory.
  • Students learning through the Semi-Formal pathway will complete modules from ASDAN’s Transition Challenge Introduction and Progression.
  • Students learning through the Formal pathway will complete modules from ASDAN’s Towards Independence.

All key stakeholders including students, parents/carers and teachers are involved in selecting modules to ensure that students are participating in bespoke learning programmes as well as Statutory requirements. This process is carried out through options evenings held in July and September. Bedelsford staff continually review available qualifications and accreditations to ensure our students are offered the best possible opportunities

During lunchtime the Secondary students are offered a choice of ‘Lunch Clubs’ which are matched to students skills and interests.  These are informal sessions run by all staff designed to help the students to use their free time appropriately and make choices.

We continue to have an enriched curriculum in the Secondary Department.  All students participate in topic-linked trips to places of interest and enjoyment.  Also, we are using local facilities such as garden centres and local theatres (Polka Theatre, Rose Theatre).

The new National Curriculum challenges us to consider how we can adapt activities and the PE Curriculum to give access and opportunity for our pupils at all levels of ability to progress to the best of their own individual abilities. We have programmes such as MOVE, Halliwick/swimming for all, rebound therapy and sports teams. We continue to enter pupils into Kingston and regional Pentathlon and Boccia competitions. In addition there is an expectation that we will, as a school, offer a wider range of experiences and opportunities which have been specifically broadened to include outdoor adventure activities such as cycling, wheelchair/ice skating, treasure hunts, orienteering, team building and residentials from KS3 onwards. With our particular cohort of pupils these are truly exceptional challenges!

Sex and Relationships Education is a statutory requirement which must be offered. It is offered as part of the SEMH Education programme and is ability grouped and very carefully personalised. Some parts of the programme are gender grouped. The programme covers hygiene, self-care skills, aspects of growing up and personal safety. Parents are welcome to ask for a copy of the Policy Statement and plans.

Pupils who attend Bedelsford School have a variety of different needs.  It was therefore felt that more than one reading scheme and a variety of approaches were needed to enable all learners to progress with their reading.  Additionally pupils are given opportunities throughout their day to access environmental print, sensory stories, personalised books, pupils’ newspaper and audio books.  We use a mixture of approaches tailored to individual pupils including Jolly Phonics, Letters and Sounds, Oxford Reading Tree books, Smart Phonics, Project X and computer programmes.


The school is truly ‘outstanding’ indeed and we don’t mean just in the sense of how Ofsted have classified it.

Parent of Year 7 child

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