There are two Dramatherapists working with our students at Bedelsford School. They are trained in the specific approach of Sesame Dramatherapy which was created initially as a method for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties and disabilities. Sesame works with non-verbal communication, metaphors, and symbols as an offering for the students to explore their sense of self, autonomy and emotional well-being. This is based on the foundations of a positive therapeutic relationship which is developed through intensive non-verbal interaction in individual and group settings. We explore multimodal routes of self-expression with pupils such as:

  • Movement with touch and sound
  • Character work
  • Stories
  • Improvisation
  • Performance

This is a student-led practice, meaning the students have the opportunity to choose how they can best express themselves, developing their self-esteem and confidence, in turn helping them develop their identity. The Dramatherapy service works using a school-based referral system where there is ongoing communication and collaborative efforts between Teachers, Parents and Therapists. Alongside therapy sessions, the Dramatherapy team also support the students’ creative processes within classroom provisions as part of the Creative Arts offer.

Drama as a therapeutic tool is a medium through which we can explore and experience the world, and through role and story we can open up to new possibilities and learn what we are afraid of. We can say ‘Open Sesame!’ And explore all the treasures that we find in the cave, and take as much or as little as we want.

Our Dramatherapists are registered with, and regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

For more information about Dramatherapy please click the link below

Sesame Institute