Occupational Therapy

Within Bedelsford we have a team of qualified Occupational Therapists (OTs) and OT Assistants/Apprentices who work with pupils both in the classroom and individually in the Therapy spaces. All Therapists within the Occupational Therapy team are employed by Achieving for Children and work closely with the school transdisciplinary team.  

Pupils are assessed following admission to school through observation, discussion with parents and class teams and individual assessment.  Many pupils are provided with an Occupational Therapy programme, which is tailored to their particular areas of need, and aims to have Occupational Therapy strategies embedded throughout the school day.  Classroom staff are trained on any specific aspects of an Occupational Therapy programme and any required equipment is provided.  A pupil’s individual intervention plan is based on clinical need with some pupils benefitting from individual or group sessions to focus on a particular skill area. 

Occupational Therapy intervention, where required, should be identified on a pupil’s EHCP, which is reviewed annually through the school EHCP review process.  Where possible OTs attend review meetings and will provide written reports yearly. 

The OTs in school work jointly with other professionals, both in and outside of school, to focus on areas such as; Postural Management, Seating,  Sensory Needs, Access to AAC and/or Eating and Drinking and Upper limb Splinting.