Destinations of Leavers

All Bedelsford School students extend their education experience either by joining our new Sixth form or when they leave Bedelsford School at the end of Year 11. On occasions students may move to a new home or they may progress to be able to attend a Mainstream provision before they reach Year 11.

Until 2015 most Year 11 students opted for an experience in another school as the move to college was a big step at that age.  The schools that they selected varied according to the borough they came from and what their primary presenting educational need was. Since that date we have our own Sixth Form provision.

From this September (2017) we have 11 Post 16 students. Our aim is to ensure that students reach their full potential and maximise their independence, communication, mobility, thinking and social/emotional skills in preparation for the life that is ahead of them.

In 2013 one student went to The Priory School, one to Orchard Hill College, one to Perseid School, two to Strathmore School, one to Sherwood Park School, one to Foxwood School and one to Alexandra Infants.

In 2014 one student went to Orchard Hill College, one to Treloar College, one to Young Epilepsy College, Lingfield, one to Cricket Green, one to Strathmore, one to Moorcroft School and two to Linden Lodge School.

In 2015 one student left to attend Sherwood Park Sixth Form and six remained at Bedelsford.

In 2016 one student left and went to West Hammersmith College

In 2017 three students left and went to Orchard Hill College (Beaconsfield), Treloar College in Alton and Aurora College in Wandsworth

In 2018 one student went to Wyvern college centre and another student went to Beaconsfield college centre. Both college centres are part of the Orchard Hill College.

The school is truly ‘outstanding’ indeed and we don’t mean just in the sense of how Ofsted have classified it.

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