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Meerkats and Lemurs new classroom renovations

By Fiona Ekberg - January 18th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Our Meerkat class students are ecstatic about our incredible, newly renovated classroom! The increased space has allowed us to rearrange furniture and layouts which accommodate all our students’ special needs, ensuring all our students have easy access to activities and learning areas as well as the entire classroom. We are especially grateful for our lovely cozy corner and sensory equipment where we can simply enjoy relaxing, reading or playing and having fun!

Ondine Joubert, Meerkat Class Teacher

Lemur class are honoured and feel so lucky to have inhabited the newly renovated room, which we will benefit a lot from. Now students have direct access to the outside primary playground, in addition to having big windows giving enough daylight to our new classroom. There is also a place for the new book corner. Everybody knows how great it is to read a book in natural light as well as the impact on our wellbeing and we do not want to overlook the importance of fresh air whenever needed. Finally, Lemurs new classroom is the students’ own room, which is not shared by anyone – consequently, they can now enjoy less uninterrupted sessions.

Lemurs say thank you very much to everyone involved in helping to have their own, new classroom! A perfect start to 2024 for us!

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