Absence and illness

Government legislation requires all schools to report both authorised and unauthorised absences to the Governing body and the Department for Education.

Authorised absences include illness, hospital/treatment appointments which cannot be made outside the school day, assessments, visits or interviews to other educational establishments. Holidays should not be taken in term time. Any exceptional requests will only be considered by the Headteacher. Holiday request forms (available from the school office) must be completed and sent to the Headteacher for approval. Request for absences for reasons other than these should be made in writing to the Headteacher.

Your Class Teacher should be notified in writing of any absences known in advance, such as hospital appointments and treatments. This enables the school to be organised efficiently, especially when other departments and staff are involved such as physiotherapy, speech and language therapy or visiting professionals.

When your child is ill you must notify the school, on the first day of absence, before 9.30am, and your school transport company. Please keep us informed on a daily basis. If your child is absent for any length of time, please communicate reasons to the school.

It is vital for the sake of your own child, other pupils and staff in school that you keep him/her at home until fully recovered (in the case of sickness or diarrhoea at least 48 hours following the last occurrence). Should your child arrive at school ill, we will ask you to come and collect him/her. Occasionally transport may be willing to take him/her home in which case you will be contacted first to ensure someone will be at home. Should your child become ill during the day, the school nurse may need to telephone you to come and collect him/her.

In an emergency that requires hospitalisation, an ambulance will be called, you will be informed and your child will be accompanied by a known member of staff who will remain with him/her until you arrive at the hospital. You will understand our need for emergency contact numbers as well as the names and numbers of all those who have a legal responsibility for the child.