Summer Club 2023

By Fiona Wilkins - September 4th, 2023 | Posted in Article

During summer club the children took part in many activities relating to the topic of summer. Every day, we started with a picture quiz about what we might see at the beach and then used this knowledge to create our own piece of artwork.

In English, the children read the story of Ali Baba, and made crowns for the story, which they then used as props to help act out the story.  In DT, we made paper boats that the children decorated. In science, we explored how well paper boats floated and how much weight they could hold before they toppled over or sank!

The children visited the beach at Southsea, and tried to spot all of the different things that we had covered about the beach in class. The children enjoyed travelling along the beach and watching the hovercrafts come in to land, before having their picnic lunch with their friends.