Summer Fun Day

By Fiona Ekberg - July 4th, 2024 | Posted in Article

Sixth Form have been working hard as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award and their Enterprise work to host this year’s ‘Summer Fun Day’ for the whole school community to enjoy. This year the theme was ‘2024 Paris Olympics’ and we had a mixture of sporty and French themed activities.

The sun was shining for the whole day and the children enjoyed visiting the different stalls to play games such as ‘name the bear’, ‘net a duck’ and ‘match the Olympian to their sport’. For each game they played they won small prizes and stickers for their sticker charts.

Sixth Form students helped plan, make, and run the stalls! They have been developing their skills in sign making, game design and have been going out into the community to buy prizes for the stalls! The students had an opportunity to use their maths skills to count out and exchange the correct number of tickets for each stall and then enjoyed playing the different games. Thank you Sixth Form for all of your efforts!

Thank you to all who came to support us on the day including lots of our families! Thank you to everyone who donated to the fun day- we raised just over £400 for the Sixth Form enterprise fund which goes towards enriching the students learning within the Sixth Form Department.

Thanks so much!