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MOVE at Bedelsford School

Movement is a priority of our school day. We firmly believe that functional and purposeful movement allows students to fully engage with their learning and life. Class teams and Therapists work together to plan regular opportunities for movement and positional changes to both support social and educational opportunities for students and to allow for the health benefits movement allows for. We carefully plan each day to allow for new physical skills to be taught and for skills to be practiced. We use the MOVE programme to support students to achieve functional goals related to a student’s physical development.

In May 2022 Bedelsford School was awarded the Gold Quality Mark by the MOVE Programme

What is MOVE?

‘The MOVE Programme is an activity-based practice that enables disabled young people to gain independent movement. It uses the combined approach of education, therapy and family knowledge to teach the skills of sitting, standing, walking and transitioning between.’- MOVE.

More information about MOVE can be found by clicking the link below:

MOVE programme


How does it work at Bedelsford School?

Students who have difficulties with their functional movement typically join the MOVE programme during their time in the Primary Department. A student may be put on the MOVE programme following a request from families, Therapists, Teachers or a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Students will then be discussed at the MOVE Team meeting and an initial meeting with families and the team supporting the student will be invited to attend.  We plan, monitor and adjust plans as the student journeys through the school.

The MOVE programme centres around facilitating discussions and gaining insight into our student’s abilities from their families and people who know them the best. We invite all families or carers to the initial MOVE meeting where a ‘top down motor milestone’ assessment is carried out.
We regularly update families of students on the MOVE programme though sharing video and photographic evidence on our assessment system, Evidence for Learning.
Parent and carer workshops for manual handling, postural management and MOVE opportunities at home run on a rolling basis.

We have two MOVE trainers at Bedelsford School, our MOVE co-ordinator and the member of SLT responsible for MOVE. The trainers plan and deliver training to key stakeholders jointly. They also run regular MOVE groups which allow for the wider MOVE and staff team to learn new skills to support a student accessing MOVE.

Class Teachers with students on the MOVE programme and all therapists will be trained to Senior Practitioner level. Senior Teaching Assistants with students accessing MOVE will be trained to Practitioner level. All class teams and governors will receive MOVE awareness training. It is our aim for all staff supporting students in class to be trained to MOVE practitioner level.

The school is truly ‘outstanding’ indeed and we don’t mean just in the sense of how Ofsted have classified it.

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