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Visit from the Community Police Team

By Fiona Ekberg - March 26th, 2024 | Posted in Article

The community police team came in to visit the Secondary and Sixth Form department. They discussed personal safety and who to call in an emergency the first visit. They also answered questions about their jobs, and how they help people. We learnt that there are no police trains! During the second visit they brought some of their equipment to show what they use to keep themselves and others safe whilst on duty. We were lucky to be able to see some real police handcuffs and feel how strong and heavy they are, saw a police vest and some of the adults had a go at trying to hold it up as they are very heavy. We also saw the new style batons they carry which are made of steel and the children got an opportunity to hold them. The officers then demonstrated how their radios and smart cameras work which allow them to keep themselves safe but also collect evidence when needed. Finally we got to try on a police helmet which all the students enjoyed.